I’m a Fullstack developer with 8+ years of experience as a Java and Angular Developer. I’m currently working with Opentext Pvt Limited in Bangalore as a Senior Software Engineer.

Below are some of the projects that I have worked on with different organizations,

Senior Software Engineer at Opentext Private Ltd

(From 14th January 2018 till Present)

  • Project Name: TGFIA and TGFIAUI

    This product is used to provision a mailbox in an Opentext product called Trading Grid Online. It consists of a backend TGFIA and frontend TGFIAUI.

    Skills Used: Spring Boot, Hibernate, Struts, SQL, Ansible, Teamcity


    • Rebuilt TGFIA application from the ground up as a REST application
    • Migrated TGFIAUI from Java 6 to Java 8 and moved application from being an EJB client to REST client.
  • Project Name: Accounting-UI, Accounting and Accounting Billing System

    This is used to consolidate the documents sent and received in the Trading Grid online system. Also based on this consolidation, a bill is generated.

    Skills Used: Spring Boot, Active MQ, Struts, SQL


    • Worked with the team on maintaining these applications and was involved in resolving issues arising in these.
  • Project Name: Covisint IAM Single Page Application

    This is an Admin tool used for Covisint portal. Covisint portal is mainly used by Automotive industry to build their custom internal web apps. The IAM allows users to provide/request roles and other specific privileges and functionality.

    Skills Used: Angular 9, Type scripts, HTML/CSS, Primeng


    • Successfully led the team as a ‘Scrum Master’ and developed several modules as a Front-End developer using Angular.

Senior Consultant at All State Pvt Ltd

(From 08th August 2018 till 23rdt November 2018)

Project Name: Square-trade

Square-trade is a product which provides warranties for electronics devices and virtual products.

Skills Used: Core Java and Collections, Java Multithreading, Hibernate, SQL,


  • I was part of two sprints and had to add two new merchant products.

System Analyst at Subex Limited

(From 02th January 2017 till 31st August 2018)

Project Name: BT (British-Telecom)

Was part of a team that customizes Subex products like ‘Partner Settlement’ and ‘Revenue Assurance’ among others for British Telecom. My work involved developing modules using Java 7, and SQL for multiple Subex products like ‘Revenue Assurance’(RA), GSPS and UKNG among others.

Skills Used: Core Java and Collections, Java Multithreading, Hibernate, SQL,


  • Built additional modules for UKNG(PS) product for BT using Core Java(Server Side) and DotNet(Client Side)
  • Worked on resolving issues and worked on major upgrades of GSPS(PS) products from GSPS 1.0 to GSPS 2.0 and also GSPS 2.0 to GSPS 3.0. This work involved Core Java and multithreading concepts.

Software Engineer at Accenture Private Limited

(From 08th January 2014 till 24th December 2016)

  • Project Name: KPN AM

Worked as a Siebel Developer and Java Developer here. Skills Used: Core Java and Collections, Siebel, JDBC, SQL, Unix scripting Contribution: Developed Siebel Modules and created Automation for improving maintenance tools of KPN Siebel CRM using Java and shell scripts

  • Project Name: Mytee

Mytee is an internal tool used in Accenture for attendance and leave tracking. Worked in this project as a Siebel Developer Skills Used: Siebel UI , Siebel Tools Contribution: Developed additional modules and pages using Siebel.

Junior Software Engineer at Bolas Intelli Solutions Pvt Limited

(From 22nd July 2013 to 31st December 2013)

Project Name: Admin 24x7

Admin 24x7 is a custom application that provides templates on which websites can be built, like WordPress, Drupal. My work involved in building new templates for the application and applying code fixes. Skills Used: HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL Programming Contribution: Worked on developing modules using PHP Built solutions using HTML/CSS, PHP, JQuery, SQL

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