2022 Challenge - Building a new Product every month

My Challenge for 2022

As I’m writing this today, its 4th of Jan 2022.
2021 has been a eventful year for me and everyone else around the world. We are in the second year of Covid, a bad year at that, but somehow we’ve survived and come through.

Personally, 2021 was good to me as I’ve got to spend more time with my family, reconnect with my friends. As I turned 30 this year 😢,it made be realize how far I am from my life goals. I’ve always wanted to start something on my own. I started a couple of startups before and all had failed before making even a single sale.

After my 25th birthday I had abandoned my dream of starting something of my own and focussed on my professional career. I work as a Senior Software Engineer at a large Product Company focusing on enterprise software. In the past year, specifically during the end of 2020, my responsibilities had increased as I was asked to lead a team. This was a new opportunity and I had jumped on the offer.

It was difficult to manage initially but slowly and surely I was able to cope. Even though it was tough, I learnt a lot, and had grown immensely. Learnt new technologies and people skills. I received good feedback from my team and company.

Even though it was a great year, consisting of personal and professional growth, it did leave me a bit burned out. It made be question about where my life was headed. I was eager to start working on my lifelong dream of doing something of my own.

I’ve always loved to create new things. That’s why I jump onto opportunities to build products in the first place, in areas which I have no clue about.

Recently, I came across an awesome blog (tinyprojects.com). And this got me completely inspired to start creating tiny projects myself and start selling. So this is what I’ve decided to do in 2022,

Build and Deploy 12 tiny projects in 2022 and along the way earn outside my main job.

My main conditions for this project are,

  1. Build 1 product every month
  2. Release it for users to try
  3. Use Twitter, Reditt and Product Hunt to market the products

So with this in mind, I’ve started building my first tiny project i.e SQLGrammar. Hope I have something to show at the end of the month.

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