How to work with Deep focus

Techniques to increase focus

Chirag S P
In our day-to-day lives we have plenty of distractions. With the advent of every new technology , the number of distractions keep increasing. But at the end of the day, the work that needs to be done has to be done. Increasing pressure at work, and the proliferation of the hustle culture, just adds to the pressure. Hence it becomes harder and harder to do good productive work. The best work one can achieve is by being in a state of complete focus called the flow state.

Built a personal finance template using Notion

Tracking personal finance using Notion

Chirag S P
Finance tracking is essential if we need to track our expense and avoid lifestyle inflation. But there is only so much information our brain can hold. My philosophy for financial discipline is simple, It should be easy to track It should factor in my emotional state I should see my goal every time I see my financial tracker. To do this effectively I employ notion. Notion’s biggest advantages are,

How to get started with using Notion App

A quick introduction to note taking app, Notion

Chirag S P
Human mind is complex machine , it can do many things very well, but the area where it lacks is perfect recall. Though it looks cool in movies when the main character is able to remember something exactly, in real life it gets much more murkier. Sometimes it gets so bad that what we assume we remember, is sometimes exactly opposite of what might have actually transpired. Knowing this has inspired to me start diligently taking notes of things important me in my day-today life, especially in my profession life.