Working from home versus office

My thoughts on wfh and working from office

Chirag S P
As more and more companies are starting to call their employees back to office, it seems a good time as any, to compare how it has been for me working from home versus working from office. From more than 2 years now I have been working from home. I’m someone who enjoys being in office and socializing, but hates the traffic and lack of focus in office. So what usually ended up happening was that I would come back from office and then finish the day’s tasks at home.

Micro Project 1 - Coffee Timer

Roadmap to build tiny projects

Chirag S P
This year I decided to build tiny projects every month and actually release it to the world. But it seems, due to skill and time constraint up untill now, I was only able to do complete two tiny projects. So I decided to build ultra small JS projects and improve my frontend skills. As my first micro project I created a code timer. This is basic JavaScript project that times down from 25 minutes.

May 2022 Update

Short update for May 2022.

Chirag S P
Challenge #4 - May 2022 : Oota and SQL Gramamar v2 Time taken : 1st May to 31 May 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status: Partial Completion. Completed Oota. So its the end of May, for the month of May, I had challenged myself to complete both Oota and and SQL Grammar v2. Doing both challenges at the same is very very tough. I did a little bit of SQL Grammar v2 , but I had to completely focus on Oota.

How to set Java options in Tomcat

Setup Java options using GUI and command line

Chirag S P
When running tomcat we might need to setup Java options in it . In this article we will go through on how to setup JVM (i.e Java Options) options in Tomcat 8-8.5 in windows. In windows we can setup Java options using one of the below methods Using Tomcat.exe gui Go to Tomcat folder→bin and open Tomcatw.exe. This will open the GUI. Switch to ‘Java’ tab. Put in Java Options in Java tab:

V2 Month

2022 April Update - Upgrading SQLGrammar

Chirag S P
Challenge #3 - April 2022 : SQL grammar Version 2 Time taken : 1st April to 30 April 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status: Incomplete So its the end of April 2022. For the month April I had targeted to refresh (SQLGrammar)( Basically to improve the UI and add additional features to it. Main goal was to make the UI intuitive and minimal, and also to add pricing related functionality to it.

How to Fix CORS Error in Spring boot JWT Security

Solution for CORS error in Sprint Boot Security deployed in Heroku

Chirag S P
CORS error is one of the most annoying errors which one can encounter while developing web applications. CORS is a mechanism that allows Server to indicate to Browser to allow connections from origins other than its own. Browser will send a pre-flight connection request(an Options request) to server to check if server will allow the request. If server allows the request from this origin it will respond with Access-Control-Allow-Origin. I encountered this error while developing an Angular application.

Building a management software for Caterers

2022 March Update - Story of Oota

Chirag S P
Challenge #3 - March 2022 : Oota - Catering Software Time taken : 2nd March to 15th April 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status: V1 Complete So another month, another challenge, this time I focused on finished something which I had been working on for quite some time. If you are a reader of my blogs, you might know that I’m currently working with my cousins on a secret project.

Publishing a notion template in Gumroad

2022 Feb Update - How I planned to earn money via Gumroad

Chirag S P
Challenge #2 - Feb 2022 : Java Interview Questions Template Time taken : 13th Feb to 1 March 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status : V1 Complete If your coming to this article after reading my article on SQLGrammar(if not please check it here SQLGrammar), I’m in month 2 of my making money outside my job challenge. After building SQLGrammar in under a month in January, I was pretty psyched for February.

How I built my first Saas application

2022 Jan Update - Story of SQL Grammar

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Challenge #1 - Jan 2022 : SQL Grammar Time taken : 1st Jan to 2nd Feb 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status: V1 Complete Its the start of February 2022. Already a month of 2022 has passed. Guess I could stop wishing people happy new year from now on 😏. At the start of this year I had taken upon the challenge of building something and publishing on Product Hunt 🚀.

2022 Challenge - Building a new Product every month

My Challenge for 2022

Chirag S P
As I’m writing this today, its 4th of Jan 2022. 2021 has been a eventful year for me and everyone else around the world. We are in the second year of Covid, a bad year at that, but somehow we’ve survived and come through. Personally, 2021 was good to me as I’ve got to spend more time with my family, reconnect with my friends. As I turned 30 this year 😢,it made be realize how far I am from my life goals.