What is Programming

An introduction to programming for a non-programmer

Chirag S P
What is programming ? What can we compare it with ? Programming may look so complex and out of reach at first glance, but all it really is a set of instructions. Do this first and do that later, thats all it is. If you want to convey a set of instructions to another person, how would you do that,by using some language of course, like English, French or something else.

Programming 101

A five-part introduction series on basics of Programming

Chirag S P
Introduction: I come from non-computer science background, so when I first encountered code in my bachelor’s degree, it looked like an Alien language. I never understood how code works and why you need to explain each and every step. I was like, computers are smart, do I really need to tell that this value, which I want to store is a Number or an Alphabet each and every time! Can’t the computer get that, its so basic!

Create a python flask application

How to setup a python flask application

Chirag S P
Python being one of most used language in the world, makes it very easy to develop web applications. In Python several different frameworks to develop web applications. Two of most popular frameworks are Django Flask Django is mainly used for large applications and Flask is mainly used for light weight applications. In this article we are going to cover the basics of Python flask. Steps to setup a python flask application

How to use Jira APIs in Python

Integrate Jira APIs in Python application

Chirag S P
Imagine your filling your Jira tasks everyday and by the end of the week you wonder, can I find the total number of hours logged in Jira. So what do you do? As any sane( insane 😅 ) person you think of developing an webapp to fetch all the data and calculate your day wise work logged for each story/task/subtask or SR. Then you start searching on how to build an webapp using Jira APIs.