Change reCaptcha language dynamically in Angular

How to setup reCaptcha in Angular using PrimeNg

Chirag S P
This article is the continuation of an article I wrote on reCaptcha. There I used ng-recaptcha library to setup recaptcha. This libraray is great, but the issue with it is that, the reCaptcha language change does not work all the time. Recently I found reCaptcha support is present in Primeng library. PrimeNg makes it very simple to setup reCaptcha. Steps to setup reCaptcha using PrimeNg Install primeNg using below commands,

Setup reCaptcha in Angular

How to setup reCaptcha in Angular using ng-reCaptcha

Chirag S P
Setting up reCaptcha becomes necessary to provide good security to front end applications. In this article we are going to be setting up reCaptcha in Angular. Here are going to be using a library called called ng-recaptcha. Setting up reCaptcha in Angular is made simple using ng-recaptcha library. Follow below steps to setup reCaptcha. Install ng-recaptcha library using command npm install ng-recaptcha --save To setup reCaptcha we need to get siteKey from google reCaptcha site.

How to add Tailwind to an Angular Application

Setup tailwind css in Angular

Chirag S P
Tailwind is a popular CSS framework that is becoming more and more popular everyday. Tailwind has good integration to SPA frameworks like React and Vue, but up until recently it was alot of work to get it integrated with Angular. That all changed with the introduction of Angular 11.2. And with Angular 12 and tailwind 3.0 more features were introduced to make it easier to integrate tailwind CSS. This article will show how to setup Tailwind with Angular 12 and above.