How to install Perl in windows

Super easy steps to install Perl in Windows

Chirag S P
If you using a windows machine and want to install Perl, below are the steps that needs to be followed, 1. Check if Perl is installed You can check if perl is installed in your windows machine by opening command prompt and typing below command perl -v If perl is present you should get perl version in the output PS: if you type perl -V you’ll get a more detailed view on how and where perl is installed in your machine

Migrate Perl application from Redhat 5 to Redhat 7

Steps involved in migrating Perl application

Chirag S P
One fine day, I was assigned a project to migrate a perl application( written in the 90s) to Redhat 7 from Redhat 5. Mind you I am a Java developer, but i pride myself in learning anything and everything. So i confidently took in this project as well. Little did I know, the weeks of hell I had to endure to do complete this assignment. So in order to help someone in future below are the steps I followed.