Spring Boot Lifecycle Hooks

A brief intro into Spring Lifecycle hooks

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In this article we will talking about Spring Boot life cycle hooks and where we would use them. We will covering below topics, What is a Bean in Spring Boot ? Its an object that is created and managed by Spring IOC. Basically any object managed by ApplicationContext class of Spring is called a Bean. What is Bean Life Cycle ? The spring Bean life cycle is as follows,

Change reCaptcha language dynamically in Angular

How to setup reCaptcha in Angular using PrimeNg

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This article is the continuation of an article I wrote on reCaptcha. There I used ng-recaptcha library to setup recaptcha. This libraray is great, but the issue with it is that, the reCaptcha language change does not work all the time. Recently I found reCaptcha support is present in Primeng library. PrimeNg makes it very simple to setup reCaptcha. Steps to setup reCaptcha using PrimeNg Install primeNg using below commands,

Setup reCaptcha in Angular

How to setup reCaptcha in Angular using ng-reCaptcha

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Setting up reCaptcha becomes necessary to provide good security to front end applications. In this article we are going to be setting up reCaptcha in Angular. Here are going to be using a library called called ng-recaptcha. Setting up reCaptcha in Angular is made simple using ng-recaptcha library. Follow below steps to setup reCaptcha. Install ng-recaptcha library using command npm install ng-recaptcha --save To setup reCaptcha we need to get siteKey from google reCaptcha site.

How to setup Postgres Database in Mac

Install and Setup Postgres in Mac

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In this article we are going to setup PosGresql in Mac. Setting up PostGresql in Mac is very easy if we make use of Homebrew. Open terminal and check if Homebrew is installed using below command brew -v If its already installed, Homebrew version should be displayed. Next, update Homebrew to the latest version using below command brew update Now install PostGres SQL using homebrew command

How to setup Logging in Spring Boot

Implement Logback in Spring Boot

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Spring Boot comes with build-in logging functionality and its very easy to integrate. Logback Spring Boot uses logback logging framework. Logback in an upgrade of log4j framework. It comes bundled with spring boot starter packs. For example if we using spring web service, then logback comes bundled with it. <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-web-services<actifactId> </dependency> Implementation To use logging in a Java class use below code Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass()); logger.error("This is an error"); That’s it !

How to install Perl in windows

Super easy steps to install Perl in Windows

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If you using a windows machine and want to install Perl, below are the steps that needs to be followed, 1. Check if Perl is installed You can check if perl is installed in your windows machine by opening command prompt and typing below command perl -v If perl is present you should get perl version in the output PS: if you type perl -V you’ll get a more detailed view on how and where perl is installed in your machine

How to setup Pagination in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Implement pagination in APIs

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When dealing with large amounts of data in a front-end application, we often need to break it down to smaller chucks so as to not overwhelm the user. Hence in front-end application we display large chucks of data as pages. Using this technique, we can request only required data for displaying only a single page at a time. To achieve this, we require pagination in API requests Spring boot makes it easy to setup pagination with hibernate.

10 VSCode extensions I use everyday

Some useful VSCode extensions

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As a Fullstack developer I mainly use Angular for my day-today development work. And my go-to IDE is VSCode. VSCode is a great editor and best part of it is the multitude of extensions that are available to use. I just love extensions! they improve my productivity ten fold. Some the most useful extensions that I use on a daily basis are as follows, Peacock As a Fullstack developer, I usually have multiple VSCode editors open, one for back-end , one for front-end and maybe one more for some scripts which I might be running as well.

How to add Tailwind to an Angular Application

Setup tailwind css in Angular

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Tailwind is a popular CSS framework that is becoming more and more popular everyday. Tailwind has good integration to SPA frameworks like React and Vue, but up until recently it was alot of work to get it integrated with Angular. That all changed with the introduction of Angular 11.2. And with Angular 12 and tailwind 3.0 more features were introduced to make it easier to integrate tailwind CSS. This article will show how to setup Tailwind with Angular 12 and above.

Hide Spring boot parameters and endpoints in Swagger

How to hide parameters and endpoints from swagger

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When we setup swagger documentation, a need might arise to hide endpoints or parameters. We might have a scenario wherein an endpoint is still being developed and we don’t want it being used by the end user, or some special parameters might be used like Pricipal or Http related parameters and this need not appear in Swagger documentation. How to hide parameters in Swagger First lets look into how to hide parameters in Swagger.