Deploy Spring boot Jar Docker to Heroku using two different ways

A short tuts on deploying spring boot jar docker to heroku

Chirag S P
Imagine you and your buddy are developing a Spring boot Rest application using Java 11. To make it run consistently in yours and your buddy’s machine you decide to setup Sprint boot jar in Docker. Now the docker setup is done, you want to release it to world and announce it in Product hunt. Out of many cloud provider like AWS, Google cloud; Heroku is the most beginner friendly, whilst offering advanced features which can be scaled for a production level application.

How to deploy Spring Boot War in Docker

Setup Spring Boot Rest API war in Docker

Chirag S P
So, you’ve developed your Spring Boot rest API and generated the war. You’ve even managed to successfully deploy it in a tomcat server. Now you’re thinking of containerizing your application. This blog will guide you in deploying spring boot war to docker image. Docker Intro Docker is a platform-as-a-service tool (PAAS) that provides virtualization on OS level called containers. It uses some common OS libraries but overall each container is isolated from one another.