V2 Month

2022 April Update - Upgrading SQLGrammar

Challenge #3 - April 2022 : SQL grammar Version 2

Time taken : 1st April to 30 April 2022

Amount Earned : 0 dollars

Status: Incomplete

So its the end of April 2022. For the month April I had targeted to refresh (SQLGrammar)(https://sqlgrammar.com). Basically to improve the UI and add additional features to it. Main goal was to make the UI intuitive and minimal, and also to add pricing related functionality to it.

But alas! my March goal of refreshing Oota was tougher than I thought. Inside of completing it by March 31st, it stretched till 15th April.

Even though Oota stretched till April 15th, I somehow started work on SQLGrammar refresh by April 1st.

I intended to design the UI in Figma before directly diving into coding. But problem was that I was not that good in Figma! After researching a bit on youtube and udemy, I stumbled upon a great course.

But you know what they say about Udemy courses, you start a course but you never finish one. The going was slow and also life happened. Many of my weekends were spent attending my friends and family functions, going on unplanned excursions and ultimately it took me till April 30th to finish 70% of the Figma course. And I had not even started anything on designing SQLGrammar UI.

Around the same time, my Oota co-founder started showing the app around and was getting some good feedback. We just needed to add a few extra features and improve the UI.

So for the Month of May I have decided to improve Oota and also complete the SQLGrammar refresh. I’m determined to turn things around in May.

Target for May is to complete SQLGramamr V2 and add feedback features to Oota. Wish me luck.