May 2022 Update

Short update for May 2022.

Challenge #4 - May 2022 : Oota and SQL Gramamar v2

Time taken : 1st May to 31 May 2022

Amount Earned : 0 dollars

Status: Partial Completion. Completed Oota.

So its the end of May, for the month of May, I had challenged myself to complete both Oota and and SQL Grammar v2. Doing both challenges at the same is very very tough. I did a little bit of SQL Grammar v2 , but I had to completely focus on Oota.

But think I learnt something else. I was trying to do too many things and it was getting tough. I need realign my priority and focus on one thing for the month.

Oota is in a good state for now and usable. For the month of June, I have decided to show the app off to people for feedback before adding any additional features.

So for the month of June, I’ve decided to focus on changing my job. I am bored in my current job and I think its time to start looking for next challenge in my career.

Main focus for June is to be interview ready.