Publishing a notion template in Gumroad

2022 Feb Update - How I planned to earn money via Gumroad

Challenge #2 - Feb 2022 : Java Interview Questions Template

Time taken : 13th Feb to 1 March 2022

Amount Earned : 0 dollars

Status : V1 Complete

If your coming to this article after reading my article on SQLGrammar(if not please check it here SQLGrammar), I’m in month 2 of my making money outside my job challenge. After building SQLGrammar in under a month in January, I was pretty psyched for February. For the month of February I had plans of taking a vacation for close to 10 days, so I decided to take it easy this month and try to do a relatively easy project

So I thought, creating a notion template having Interview Questions and Answers for Java and Angular would be good easy challenge. Boy, was I wrong! Challenge was actually pretty straight forward, what I did’nt take into account was how boring it would be. I hated writing down answers for questions. I somehow still managed to get up early and write the questions, but it was hard as hell to be motivated.

To be fair I started seriously writing only after 13th Feb i.e after I was back from vacation. I procrastinated and forced myself to complete this. I somehow pushed through and by 22nd Feb, I realized that I would barely be able to complete Java interview questions so I dropped the Angular interview questions template and focused on Java.

On 25th Feb , I realized all this time I had got distracted and instead of focusing on the questions, I was focused on the answers and the template was beginning to become somewhat of a bad Java intro e-book, instead of list of interview questions and answers which I originally set out to do. So I deleted it all, and just wrote down the questions for couple of days.

And then started researching and filling out the answers. This technique finally made progress.

My goal for this project was to publish the notion template in Gumroad. So finally on 1st March I somehow pushed myself and completed the V1 of this template and published on Gumroad.

Here’s the link

At first I wondered if I could sell it for 1 dollar, but since I hadn’t done any marketing and the template needed some polish I decided to keep it free, publicize it a bit, improve it slowly as I attend interviews and then charge based on demand.

So please checkout the notion template let know what I can improve upon. Download it here Java Interview notion template) for free.

For the month for March I have decided to finish the Prototype of a Catering app which I have been building with my cousins for the past 6 months.

Hoping March challenge will go better than February.