How to set Java options in Tomcat

Setup Java options using GUI and command line

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When running tomcat we might need to setup Java options in it . In this article we will go through on how to setup JVM (i.e Java Options) options in Tomcat 8-8.5 in windows. In windows we can setup Java options using one of the below methods Using Tomcat.exe gui Go to Tomcat folder→bin and open Tomcatw.exe. This will open the GUI. Switch to ‘Java’ tab. Put in Java Options in Java tab:

V2 Month

2022 April Update - Upgrading SQLGrammar

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Challenge #3 - April 2022 : SQL grammar Version 2 Time taken : 1st April to 30 April 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status: Incomplete So its the end of April 2022. For the month April I had targeted to refresh (SQLGrammar)( Basically to improve the UI and add additional features to it. Main goal was to make the UI intuitive and minimal, and also to add pricing related functionality to it.

How to install Perl in windows

Super easy steps to install Perl in Windows

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If you using a windows machine and want to install Perl, below are the steps that needs to be followed, 1. Check if Perl is installed You can check if perl is installed in your windows machine by opening command prompt and typing below command perl -v If perl is present you should get perl version in the output PS: if you type perl -V you’ll get a more detailed view on how and where perl is installed in your machine

How to Fix CORS Error in Spring boot JWT Security

Solution for CORS error in Sprint Boot Security deployed in Heroku

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CORS error is one of the most annoying errors which one can encounter while developing web applications. CORS is a mechanism that allows Server to indicate to Browser to allow connections from origins other than its own. Browser will send a pre-flight connection request(an Options request) to server to check if server will allow the request. If server allows the request from this origin it will respond with Access-Control-Allow-Origin. I encountered this error while developing an Angular application.

Building a management software for Caterers

2022 March Update - Story of Oota

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Challenge #3 - March 2022 : Oota - Catering Software Time taken : 2nd March to 15th April 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status: V1 Complete So another month, another challenge, this time I focused on finished something which I had been working on for quite some time. If you are a reader of my blogs, you might know that I’m currently working with my cousins on a secret project.

How to setup Pagination in Spring Boot and Hibernate

Implement pagination in APIs

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When dealing with large amounts of data in a front-end application, we often need to break it down to smaller chucks so as to not overwhelm the user. Hence in front-end application we display large chucks of data as pages. Using this technique, we can request only required data for displaying only a single page at a time. To achieve this, we require pagination in API requests Spring boot makes it easy to setup pagination with hibernate.

10 VSCode extensions I use everyday

Some useful VSCode extensions

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As a Fullstack developer I mainly use Angular for my day-today development work. And my go-to IDE is VSCode. VSCode is a great editor and best part of it is the multitude of extensions that are available to use. I just love extensions! they improve my productivity ten fold. Some the most useful extensions that I use on a daily basis are as follows, Peacock As a Fullstack developer, I usually have multiple VSCode editors open, one for back-end , one for front-end and maybe one more for some scripts which I might be running as well.

How to add Tailwind to an Angular Application

Setup tailwind css in Angular

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Tailwind is a popular CSS framework that is becoming more and more popular everyday. Tailwind has good integration to SPA frameworks like React and Vue, but up until recently it was alot of work to get it integrated with Angular. That all changed with the introduction of Angular 11.2. And with Angular 12 and tailwind 3.0 more features were introduced to make it easier to integrate tailwind CSS. This article will show how to setup Tailwind with Angular 12 and above.

Publishing a notion template in Gumroad

2022 Feb Update - How I planned to earn money via Gumroad

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Challenge #2 - Feb 2022 : Java Interview Questions Template Time taken : 13th Feb to 1 March 2022 Amount Earned : 0 dollars Status : V1 Complete If your coming to this article after reading my article on SQLGrammar(if not please check it here SQLGrammar), I’m in month 2 of my making money outside my job challenge. After building SQLGrammar in under a month in January, I was pretty psyched for February.

Hide Spring boot parameters and endpoints in Swagger

How to hide parameters and endpoints from swagger

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When we setup swagger documentation, a need might arise to hide endpoints or parameters. We might have a scenario wherein an endpoint is still being developed and we don’t want it being used by the end user, or some special parameters might be used like Pricipal or Http related parameters and this need not appear in Swagger documentation. How to hide parameters in Swagger First lets look into how to hide parameters in Swagger.